Studebaker Truck Farmers were started quite a number of years ago, originally by Chuck Naugle of Arizona, for Studebaker fun, and were widely seen at car and truck meets in their Hee-Haw bib overalls. Some of the original Studebaker Truck Farmers are getting long in the tooth or just plain tired out and staying close to home, and some even are gone now.

Some of us Studebaker Truck enthusiasts thought it was time to jumpstart the group again, and Bob Feaganes of North Carolina started the process of adding new members to the list in July, 2006.


WHO - We are just a happy bunch of Studebaker truck fans.
WHAT WE DO - Truck Farmers take every opportunity to let others know about SDC, and let others see their Studebaker vehicles running down the road, and/or at local, regional, or international meets.
WHY - To help promote the awareness of our great marque, Studebaker, and the great trucks that were produced and used around the world. Our purpose is to have STF participation in local, regional, and international meets, and to extend the legacy of our wonderful Studebaker Trucks.
WHERE – Everywhere! The Studebaker Truck Farmers ride again!
DRESS CODE - None. Although for fun, we are at times known by unique clothing such as red farmer bandanas, straw farmer hats, light blue work shirts (short or long sleeve), and some even wear blue denim farmer bib overalls. Enthusiasm and interest is running high, and the group is up and going again. We now have members all over the U.S., plus seven other countries.

By Frank Drumheller