How To Post A Picture To STT

With this I want to take your hand and go through the upload, organize and share pictures on the STT with Photobucket
I’m sure we will get it done, ok, let’s start with the upload to Photobucket.You have already an account there so please open Photobucket.You will see this side, ok, there is welcome Borowec, but it should be the same with your name.

Click on the upload button to start, you will see the following site

The next step is to open a folder with the picture you want to upload.
Click on Browse files, a new window will open that will look like this.
I’m sure it will look different to the picture, but you will have your local folders ( Harddrive or C:) on the left side.There you can choice the folder where you have the pictures you want to share.
Click on the picture and after that click on the open button.
You will see this as next.
Ok, that was the first step to download a picture, it’s now already at photobucket.But you don’t want to get confused and find your picture later.It’s better to create a new folder like I did, my first folder I create was Studebaker, of course :) .Click on  VIEW LIBRARY, there you can click on CREATE NEW ALBUM.You will see the next
There you can give the new ALBUM a snazzy name, like they say.
Type in the name you want and click on create.You will see the new folder on the left side under Library.The next step is to get the uploaded picture in the new folder.That we will start with a click on organize, you find it directly on top of the uploaded picture.
Click on the picture one time and down on the page you will see that you can click on MOVE.Here is the picture where you can see what I want to say.
Click on MOVE and a new small window will open.There you can choice the folder where you want to move the selected picture.
It looks like this
On the picture I have already made my choice for Studebaker. Instead of Studebaker there is SELECT ALBUM, click on that button and you can make your choice. After that click on MOVE at the lower right side of the little window.Now your picture will be moved to the folder you’ve selected.Click on the folder on the left side and you see the picture/s
The next is to click on Exit Organizer, on top of the first picture.
Click on the picture you want to show at the STT.
The picture will open in a bigger size and on the right you have a little window called Image Links. Click on direct link.
You can see for a short time COPIED, that means the link is saved temporary.Now open the STT and click on POST A MESSAGE.
Click on the right mouse button in the message window and click on, I’m not sure what you will have on your English Windows, something like INSERT, VERIFAY or PASTE or something like that.
After that it should look like this.
Now click on preview to get sure it will work before you post it.
Now you should be able to do it and you can show all the Studebaker Nuts your pictures.
Have fun