59 SCOTSMAN turns up in Cheshire UK

by mubest, Thursday, December 22, 2016, 14:57 (917 days ago)

I am looking after a really nice LWB half ton pickup 1959.
It had a body restoration about 6yrs ago and is in great condition
It will be out and about next summer at Glastonbury, Tatton Park USA w/e, and 16 other festivals
and events, to promote a Bourbon Whisky being introduced to the UK market (BULLEIT BOURBON)
Skip at star power has very kindly helped with some ID questions about the truck
- for instance that its a scotsman -with earlier model replacement bonnet

A) Some idiot fitted a small diameter steering wheel - which of course makes parking difficult
Anyone got any suggestions about a suitable size replacement ? - with a matching spline
Flat, not dished and around 15 0r 16 inch diameter...

B) Its needs 4 shockers. Where can I buy them ?
Is there anywhere by chance near Manchester / Macclesfield ?

C) The wheels are not original either and look heavy. And unsprung weight doesn't help handling
or shocker performance. As its only a half tonner i could happily go to smaller width
steel rims and tyres, (but not expensive alloys) any suggestions ?


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