52 2R5 tranny!

by Gary Gilbert @, S.E. Pa, Wednesday, October 28, 2015, 09:02 (1177 days ago)

My 52 2R5 has an issue with jumping out of 2nd gear. I really am not interested in taking it apart and doing a rebuild. I would honestly rather just swap it out. I bought a really nice T96-1, with over drive, out at York a couple of years ago, with hopes of using that. it involves more work than I could probably manage myself and I don't want to cut up the original drive shaft. It came with a bell housing, flywheel, clutch set-up, starter, linkage rods, etc.) It was supposedly "rebuilt" back around 2004(?????)and was told it came from a Champion sedan.All of that being said,..... is there anyone out there interested in swaping it for the standard trans that I need for my 2R5 ? Preferably someone within 100 miles of me (I am near Allentown Pa.), or someone who is going to York this cominf Spring. Kindly let me know. Text or call me @ 484-554-4592 or email me @ gwalkergilbert113@gmail.com. Thanks.....

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