Newbe looking for 1 Ton 6 lug 7 1/4" wheel drum

by df85732, Tuesday, June 21, 2016, 15:13 (1101 days ago)

I have a 55' Ford F350 1 ton and have been unsuccessful finding rear Drums for my truck. My good friend Stu, who is also on this site, sent me this way. The dimensions are 13" x 3.06" / 3 1/16". Mounting diameter is 6 13/64", overall depth is 6 13/16", having 5/8" left and right threaded studs. They are 6 lug with 7.25 pattern. Does any of this look or sound familiar with any of you Studebaker fans? Any thoughts or discussion is appreciated. Thanks for the help, Dave


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