1951 2R10 (now a half ton)

by Derick @, Huntington Oregon, Saturday, June 30, 2018, 12:53 (381 days ago)

I picked up this 1951 2R10. It was in need of a complete restoration. It has been taken all the way down to the frame. I will try to list what I have and what's been done.

PRO's starting from nose back.
Front fenders can be saved and one extra
Front grill is in great shape
Radiator support is powder coated
New aluminium radiator.
Rebuilt 224 done by a member in Washington area.
If I can find it I have a disk detailing engine work.
Hood needs a little work done and only has surface rust.
I do have emblems for the truck.
King pins are new.
Front axle powder coated.
Turned drums
Lots of tie rod work has been done.
New spring bushings
All for rims have been primer powder coated.
4 brand new tires all new special ordered tubes with small valve stems.
All new bearings and races.
Back plates are there.
Cab has had extensive work done. Needs more but it's alot closer than it was.
Doors are in decent shape. Lower areas have some rust and need repaired.
Door hinges have been powder coated

2 really nice rear fenders.
Fenders for front are there.
Frame has been inspected. No cracks.
Frame cleaned and painted.
This WAS a 2R10 it is a half now.
New bushings on springs

Running gear:
Rear end has been totally rebuilt it's a 3.73 rear end with all new races and sprints. It. Has the limited slip.
Transmission has been totally gone through. New bearings seals races gears inspected. 1st gear had sign of some wear. Transmission is a 4 on the floor.
Talked about engine above.
Starter was redone just dirty.

New master cylinder
Bed floor is surface rusted but it is in surprisedly fantastic shape.

Much more I'm sure I'm missing.

It's got a long way to go
There are still parts it needs.
Nothing bad about this truck accept it's been sitting and is a little dirty.

Examples of price for the work will go well over my asking price.

Engine $1400
Front axle $200 in powder coating. Another $100 easy on rest. King pins and such
Tranny cost about $300 to go through and revive.
Rear end was $800 with rebuild and powder coating.
$800 tires
$350 for rim powder coating.

Title in hand.
Tags for body in hand

Rat rod it or finish the work either way it's a great deal.

$3000. With the engine.
$2200 Without engine.

Health problem forces the sale of the truck. I'm already giving it away at this rate. So I'm no interested in haggling.
However there is another way :

I'll consider trades

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