Backing Plate on '56 E12

by Ken Lanford @, Roanoke, Virginia, Tuesday, August 04, 2015, 22:06 (1261 days ago)


I bought a 1956 3/4tn and am tearing it down for restoration. I've gotten the rear wheel/hub/brakes removed but can't figure out the backing plate. It looks like dowels that are holding it in place. I looked through the parts catalog, and can't find any reference to how these backing plates are attached.

Any help you all can give is apprecited!
Thanks, Ken Lanford

Backing Plate on '56 E12

by DwainG, Wednesday, September 02, 2015, 00:39 (1233 days ago) @ Ken Lanford

The parts book provides the answer. Originally the backing plates were riveted to the housing. To replace a plate you are instructed to also buy 4 'special' bolts (shouldered maybe?) nuts and washers.

Backing Plate on '56 E12

by Jack Vines @, Saturday, March 05, 2016, 12:30 (1048 days ago) @ DwainG

Removing the rivets is a huge PITA. I started with an air chisel, but ended doing them Wheelbarrow Johnny fashion, with a big cold chisel and a hand sledge.

jack vines

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