Power Steering option for E40 trucks

by Tom Nation @, Saturday, January 23, 2016, 15:20 (1181 days ago)

I'm building up a 1964 8E40E 143" wheel base with a wrecker bed. Studebaker did offer power steering as an option. It looks to be a generic "off the shelf" unit probably made by Eaton. Anybody got a Studebaker assembly laying around? Anybody found any brand x units that will work? It looks like Ford may have used about the same set up for their F600 and F750s. Let me know when time permits. Thanks.

Power Steering option for E40 trucks

by Skip Lackie @, Sunday, January 31, 2016, 08:47 (1174 days ago) @ Tom Nation

I have 59 4E40 with factory power steering. The system looks a lot like an Eaton system with a control valve and ram, but it has a Saginaw pump -- so I suspect it was actually designed and built by Saginaw, probably for bigger GM trucks.

Power Steering option for E40 trucks

by Tom Nation @, Wednesday, February 03, 2016, 09:58 (1171 days ago) @ Skip Lackie

Ford used the same general design too. The valve is from Bendix. The pump is the same as used on the cars. Studebaker made some brackets that were only Studebaker. The cylinder is probably generic enough that something could be rigged up. The problem is that when they were new, P/S was not a popular option. 50-55 years after the fact, I'm looking for parts that are just about extinct. There is a E45 about 75 miles from me that has P/S on it. I have taken multiple pictures and measures. Hopefully, I can roll over a rock and find a truck that I can pull the whole unit off of.

Do you want it as Studebaker offered or what works better?

by packardv8, Saturday, March 05, 2016, 12:26 (1140 days ago) @ Tom Nation

If one wants an as-OEM restoration, then that's the obvious choice, no argument. However, FWIW, the linkage-assist PS is inherently junk.

If one wants a PS which works well, easy to source parts, inexpensive to do the conversion, there are many options. On my '55 E12, which is similar, I used a '90s GM Saginaw big car steering box and a Saginaw PS pump. It required fabricating a mounting bracket, welding the frame K-member and reaming the Pitman arm to match the Studebaker reach rod.


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