2R10 Transmissions

by Bill Hutchison @, Sarasota FL, Tuesday, March 22, 2016, 10:42 (1192 days ago)

My "sickness" started with a '49 2R10 farm truck I bought on eBay on a whim. Lots of Corvettes and Chevs but never done a Studebaker -- but always loved the trucks. So now I have one. Came with small 6 and 3 speed on the column -- 100% bone stock. The original intent was to put it on Chev 3500 chassis Allison Duramax 4wd but now I just can't -- love it the way it is -- rust and patina. BUT that 3 speed had to go.

Not knowing anything, started shopping, found/bought '49 T9 and NOW I know it has no synchronizers and has square cut gears. And NOW I know it won't fit small 6 bellhousing and T9 bellhousing was lost in shipping. Undeterred, I modified (machined adapters)the small 6 bellhousing and input shaft to make it all work -- it does -- have pics if anyone interested but I doubt any of you guys dumb enough to do what I did in my ignorance. But it does work. I have pics and details if any interest.

So now I know about T98 and its a simple bolt in given all I have done -- if I can find one -- REASONABLE -- already spent too darn much money on this stoopid project. Met Ted Jensen at York says he has one but I lost his email. Anyone have his email and/or a T98?

Hope you guys will let me be a "farmer" -- STF right up my alley.


2R10 Transmissions

by Skip Lackie @, Wednesday, March 30, 2016, 17:45 (1184 days ago) @ Bill Hutchison

Try posting a call out to Ted on the STT site:

2R10 Transmissions

by Ted @, Sunday, February 05, 2017, 16:38 (872 days ago) @ Bill Hutchison

It has been a long time, Are you still looking for a T98?

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