work in mines

by dfdgdfgf, Wednesday, June 08, 2016, 02:32 (1114 days ago)

The air filter of compact excavator should be changed earlier than usual under the condition of too much dust in the construction site. The radiator of compact excavator is easy to be invaded by dust which will affect heat dissipation, so the radiator needs to be washed with fresh water and the same to the starter and motor rectifier.

Chassis, wheels and belt should be given attention since there are too many rocks in mines. The tensity of the crawler belt should be stronger than working on the ground. The Medium Excavator parts can be more easily damaged when working in the mountainous regions, so the working device should be reinforced and changed frequently.

The anti-freezing diesel should be used in winter, anti-freezing agent should be added in the cooling water to avoid damaging the water tank. The accumulator should be charged and discharged frequently to avoid the electrolyte from being frozen. Warm tips from Sany Global: in addition to keeping a good maintenance of your compact excavator, it is more important that the operator keeps a good mood and body condition. So take care of your machine and take care of yourself.

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