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30-03-2018 05:12
John Dandrea ( United States )
Hi Stude Truckfarmers,

Reaching out to see if anyone who lives in the NE is headed from our region to the Stude Swap meet in South Bend this year. I purchased Silvertone mufflers and tailpipes from Don in Canada for my Scottsman pickup project and would gladly pay $$ if someone is interested in carrying them back east somewhere in our region. I live in NJ...

Please contact me if able/interested.

John Dandrea
c: 856-889-9449
29-11-2016 15:13
Mary Powell-McConnell ( united states )
As my earlier post stated Chuck Naugle passed away. If you wish to make a donation in Chuck's Name.
If you wish to
make a donation to the scholarship fund you can send a check made out to
the SNF and mail it to Brian Millette 41633 N. Emerald Lake Dr., Anthem
AZ 85086 or you can donate online here:
Thanks, Mary
28-11-2016 23:13
Mary Powell-McConnell ( united states )
Wanted to let you know that Chuck Naugle passed away last night. They are setting up a scholarship fund for him at the Studebaker National Museum, should anyone want to contribute. He will be missed. I am glad the Truckfarmers carry on, last time I saw him was Nov. and he had his hee haw overalls on. Thank you. Mary
16-06-2016 04:27
mike ( United States )
looking for the chrome piece that goes on the drivers side window between the wing and the regular window for a 1953 2r5. If anybody has one or knows where i can find one please feel free to give me a call at 512-887-0897. Thanks. Texas Mike.
13-11-2015 21:01
Kristi ( Us )
Hi there. We have a restored 45 M15 farm truck. I have only found a few of these restored one of which is Stan Grube in PA. Is there anyone on here that can assist me in finding someone to give us a rough estimate of its worth. Thank you!
28-07-2015 23:35
hunter sparagna ( usa )
hey ive been looking for an emergency brake cable for my 53 studebaker 2r-c2 where can i find one?
28-07-2015 23:34
hunter sparagna ( usa )
hey ive been looking for an emergency brake cable for my 53 studebaker 2r-c2 where can i find one?
25-07-2015 18:31
Gary Horst ( USA )
I have a 1954 studebaker truck. I am looking for the hood side emblems.Can any one help me? Also looking for the front hood emblem.
13-03-2015 17:07
Wes Cray ( USA )
I attended the 2015 swap meet and STF Dinner in York Pa. As a guest of Brian Dahl. I have to say, this is a great bunch of guys & gals. My wife Dottie and I would like to thank both Brian and the STF for their hospitality and a great weekend at York. Who knows, maybe next year I'll have a Studebaker Truck.
10-09-2014 23:29
gary ( us )
to my knowledge, there was no official placement for radios in the early 2R5 trucks. Mine is a 52 and someone literally chopped a hole in the right side of the dash. I was given a box of radio parts for it a few years back. It contained a radio with some type of internal antenna, a head unit, receiver unit and a mile of wiring and plugs. It was a Motorola/Studebaker unit and clearly was not designated for the truck. Unfortunately, I traded it to someone 2 years ago out at the York meet. My truck originally came from the U.S. Agriculture Dept. Forestry Service up in N.W. Montana and was a base model. Weren't they all? I do have the old RCA 2 way radio and whip antenna that was used back then, while in service.