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25-03-2014 16:58
david fisher ( unitedstates )
i have a 1951 2r pickup. has transplanted 259 v8 engine. looks pretty good, but needs new paint. just drove 100 plus miles to the the first car show of the year.
16-01-2014 04:13
Eric Lee ( USA )
I have a 1949 Truck 3/4 ton, been barn kept for many years, and this spring I'm going to start a rebuild with my son n law here in East Texas.
07-01-2014 06:53
Bryan Rhodes ( USA -Panhandle of Texas )
My 14 year old son wanted an old truck to restore. We found a 48 m15a. I think this will be a great challenge and a whole lot of fun. The engine runs very strong. no leaks, Yeah!! Just alot of body work and interior. My son has already picked up on welding and grinding. Hurry up warm weather, the both of us are ready to get going.
09-12-2013 17:58
Keith ( USA )
I picked up my 1959 4E7 last month and currently starting a rebuild. This pickup has seen it's day and hope I will be able to bring it back to life. It appears to have been a real farm truck in it's day and has been sitting for quit some time outdoors. No toe or floor pans left on it and many other areas need repaired. I will see how the rebuild goes but am very excited to own this pickup. I would also be looking for a rear bumper.
28-10-2013 03:43
jeff skaggs ( ohio usa )
almost done with my 1948 m15a truck 95 preasnt orangel looks nice
01-09-2013 16:52
David Hyde ( Maine,USA )
I saw this site in my latest Turning Wheels.
Quite interesting! I have a 1956 2E7 pick-up
truck. I take it to local shows.Often it is the only Studebaker.I have owned it for 14 years and
it came from California.Thanks,David Hyde
24-08-2013 05:44
kevin white ( usa )
I have a '59 scotsman 4E1 I am getting ready. A true farm truck. Having lots of fun here in Iowa.
28-06-2013 01:35
Jeff Payne ( USA )
Colorado Springs, Been working on a 1947 m-15 the last yr and just sent it to be painted. I also have two m-5's 46 & 48. After the m-15 paint I'm going to start on the 48 m-5. Having fun! Hope to see some of you in the Springs this coming week.
28-05-2013 04:05
Vince Salerno ( USA )
Just signed in, we are picking up our 49 3/4 ton next week and hope to find some help here. So going to bookmark this page
05-05-2013 18:32
Bob Nard ( USA )
Just signed up. I have a 1954 Studebaker 3R14 flatbed with the big six. In the process of restoring it to an everyday driver. I need a one piece windshield