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27-03-2013 17:52
Derick Bland ( United States )
I Got a 1951 2R10 3/4 ton picked it up two weeks ago and even with out a garage its fun to tear down. not sure what all to say here but mostly just saying i got my studebaker after years of looking for a truck.
20-03-2013 19:39
Brian Dahl ( USA )
I got my '57 Stude 3E14 (w/9' bed) in Mar 2012 with just a little over 36,000 original miles on it. May 2012 I shipped the truck to Ted Jensen in New York for a complete maintenance overhaul, to include 1960 245 CI motor, T98A trans, and many other upgrades. Old Girl is a sweetheart of a Stude!
10-03-2013 14:23
Gene Blaettler ( USA )
Just starting work on restoring a 59 4E7. Am in need of a front bumper. Anyone have one?
23-02-2013 02:22
Earl Chase ( US )
I proudly own and am working on Irv Bailey's 1-ton Transtar for the 2013 International Meet in Colo. Springs. I am looking for the emergency brake assembly for the following transmission (5-speed overdrive)
Make NP?-C-92802 shifting cover number
Make NP?-C-91421U side of casing number (also 6-21 is below this number)
Complete assembly needed

14-12-2012 01:15
Mike ( USA 53563 )
looking for used Embossed Lettered tailgates. Any condition considered. Please send me a picture if you can Thanks
23-11-2012 03:13
Dennis Patterson ( USA )
I just signed up at the guest book. Have owned Studebakers for a very long time. Now own a 58 Commander and a 49 2r10. Waiting for nice weather to come to Michigan again.
11-11-2012 19:43
John Theron ( South Africa )
love your site,whish i where there,ive got i restored 57 transtar,next year wil start with my 47 m5 also got a 56 transtar,63 lark and 59 lark 2door hardtop coupe.
24-09-2012 15:50
Floyd Hart ( USA )
Iam from Long Island Ny and have a M5
18-08-2012 21:16
wayne wyko ( usa )
i too just signed up; restoring our '64 Champ 8E.
05-04-2012 09:25
Tom bills ( usa )
Just signed up , I have a 1958 studebaker 1?2 ton scotsman that I am restoring .