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20-02-2012 19:23
alan arnold ( USA )
Just signed up. I own a 1952 2R truck and reside in West Tennessee.
22-01-2012 19:55
Jack Quaif ( USA )
Just found the site and joined. New owner of a 47 Studebaker 1 ton truck.
01-12-2011 07:37
orange county studebaker ( usa )
Hello, We are Orange County Studebaker in placentia, California. Look us up at
714 572-3777
16-11-2011 20:46
Jose ( Argentina )
Hello everybody,

I recently bought a 1954 3R truck, with the original engine working.
I will be pretty soon restoring it completely, to leave it in mint condition (if possible). I have been doing a lot of research, and realize there are some parts I will need to get my hands on.
Any pictures you may have of 1954 3R trucks are welcome.
Congratulations on your webpage
23-10-2011 02:30
John G ( USA )
Stumbled across STF looking for parts and info for my 49 2R5, really enjoy you webite
02-08-2011 08:37
jason ( usa )
Hello, We are Orange County Studebaker.
We service Studebaker, Ford, Chevy, most GM, mopar. We also do restoration.
714 572-7333
02-08-2011 04:36
G.W. Salzmann ( USA )
I've been sort of searching for a Transtar 1 ton or larger Studebaker truck and I stumbled on this site. My wife's uncles are Ford/Dodge truck nuts, my father's Studebaker crazy, and I'm somewhere in the middle. The classic car world has gone the way of our national deficit, I've been a Ford Ranger fan for years, and I'm liking the new stuff less and less as the days go by, so here I am.
02-07-2011 23:16
Rich Meadows ( United states )
Looking for pictures from aths
16-05-2011 03:16
John Weinrich ( USA )
Good stuff! Here is a link to my M15A-20 blog:
05-03-2011 02:37
Bob McBride ( United States Of America )
I loved looking at the pictures and videos, I myself have recently picked up a 1953 2R11 3/4 ton Pickup for $750.00, It is a total basketcase...But it has a good engine and transmission, I hope to do some serious bodywork to get it at least somewhat presentable shape, Might consider doing something unusual for the purest of Studebaker lovers, and create the meanest Studebaker ratrod on earth...
wish me luck, I dont think It can be totally restored, but ya never know.