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09-06-2010 01:21
doug martin ( usa )
how do i go about getting my name story and photos on the members page not real computer smart
09-06-2010 01:14
doug martin ( usa )
i would like to become a member i have done the sign up recieved the thank u page but have not appeared on the members page is there another way to do this or something more i need to do
08-06-2010 04:37
doug martin ( usa )
just signed up and uploaded some pics dont know if it all worked yet havent seen my name yet
05-04-2010 23:18
Robert H. Fix ( USA )
Just signed up
08-03-2010 04:08
Jeff Rice ( USA )
Dateline: York,PA March 5, 2010
Stude TruckFarmers dinner.

Had a superb time!
Thanks to all who set this up.
Looking forward to the next meeting, wherever that might be!
09-02-2010 00:21
Mike Celona ( USA )
Frank! I love it! Thank you for a great web site!
24-01-2010 01:17
Rick Dilts ( United States )
Frank, I sent you some pictures, hope you enjoy them. Good job.

17-01-2010 02:36
Bob Feaganes ( USA )
Good to see the site up and the new format.

Thanks for your fine effort. I think more STF folks will quickly send in their story and pictures.
17-01-2010 01:49
Mark57 ( Canada )
New website looks great - Thanks Frank!
16-01-2010 23:01
Jeff Rice ( USA )
Site looks great.
Stude truck guys need their own place!