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09-02-2010 00:21
Mike Celona ( USA )
Frank! I love it! Thank you for a great web site!
24-01-2010 01:17
Rick Dilts ( United States )
Frank, I sent you some pictures, hope you enjoy them. Good job.

17-01-2010 02:36
Bob Feaganes ( USA )
Good to see the site up and the new format.

Thanks for your fine effort. I think more STF folks will quickly send in their story and pictures.
17-01-2010 01:49
Mark57 ( Canada )
New website looks great - Thanks Frank!
16-01-2010 23:01
Jeff Rice ( USA )
Site looks great.
Stude truck guys need their own place!
16-01-2010 15:59
B.Bosch ( Germany )
Hi Frank, the new site looks really nice!!! :-)
08-11-2008 03:30
John and Tracy Smith
Frank, thanks for getting this all started. It's an awesome way for us all to put a story behind the names/vehicles.
25-10-2008 03:20
Phillip Smith
What an effort, thanks for taking the time. I know it is a lot of work. look forward to following along.
23-10-2008 14:23
Mike Burton

Hey Frank, thanks for starting up this site.

I've got a story about my first Studebaker Truck that I'll try to post soon.

20-10-2008 07:06
Good luck with the site. I look forward to hearing the stories and seeing the pics.