Dal Smilie

This '48 M5 was first sold to three brothers who owned a ranch north of Miles City, MT during Feb of '48.I was able to track down and talk to the salesman who sold it new in 2009. We built it to haul our \'49 Curtis Wright trailer at modern speeds.  While it looks very stock with its original bench seat, guages and ride height it has been changed a bit.It now has a \'87 Chev front subframe with BIG disc brakes, a 400 Chevy small block, headers, saddle tanks, hidden front and rear hitch recievers, 700R automatic, Chevy rearend, air rear suspension with a compressor on board.This beats my much earlier M5s which had 3 gal oil cans full of bulk in the back to keep going.  Of course I no longer have the convenient hole in the drivers window to spit tobacco juice out of, dang!We use it to go camping here in Montana with Deuce and Skip who are pictured.  gets some conversations started.