Dave Owens

Here's a few shots of my 56 Transtar with 64 Avanti engine.

It came with a transplanted 64 Avanti R-1 engine & a 5spd. transmission with a Twin-Trac rear-end.I got the truck in Sept. of 2011 & have spent many hours scrapping,cleaning & painting everthing from the engine to the removable stake sides.I have re-wired most of the truck & installed electronic ignition, new stainless custom exhaust with glass packs, new stainless battery tray,stainless looms for the plug wires & a few other must haves...a Uh-oo-ga horn & a hula girl on the dash as well as a home made gear shift knob with special boots at the base of gear shift & E-brake lever.I will be installing power steering as this is a working truck that hauls our fire-wood,dogs,boat & camper as well as anything that's going to the dump.It's a hit wherever we go & fun to drive.