Dennis Fenton

Here are some pictures of my 7E7. Work has been suspended for a few weeks now due to frigid weather and the fact that I'm off making some more money to help finance the project. I don't have a garage, only a temporary "garage in a box" type shelter. Work will resume soon. Spring is on the way.The goal is to have it on the road this summer. I'm not aiming for a show winner, just a safe, fun to drive truck.

The engine is now all set up after a complete rebuild. It is bored 0.030" over. The stock manifold was modified for an Edelbrock 1404 500cfm four barrel carb. We re-wired the lights and they all work now. We are now doing the brakes and wheel and axle bearings. New lines have been installed and all new wheel cylinders will be used. The hubs are being machined to take GM finned drums. New B. F. Goodrich All Terrain 235 75R 15 radials on GM 15 x 7" wheels are ready.

Work has been slower than I hoped for due to a miserable Spring season.

I drove a Studebaker today for the first time since 1968. The Champ is mobile though still needs some things for the safety. I went 6 miles on the back roads, used all four gears, and got it up to 50 mph. Lots of power, handled well.