Mark Hawkins

As far back as I can remember my dad was car fanatic; he was always restoring or rebuilding some kind of truck or car. One of my favorites was a 1931 Ford 1 ½ ton flat bed which we used for countless hay-rides.  I can remember learning to drive with a 1951 Stude-pickup with 3 on the tree and grinding every gear up and down our old dusty road.  My family has owned several Studebakers from 1950 convertible to a 1951 two door coupe and you can also throw in a few trucks into the mix.  I have to omit that somewhere along the line I defected to the dark side and was into the Che@*$’s and one day back in 2002 a buddy from work told me a about a Studebaker pickup rusting away in some farmers field out in the country.  So a couple of months went by and I decided to go check out the truck, I ended up dragging the rust bucket home… and have been hooked ever since. After several Studebaker trucks from 1955 -1961 I have settle in on restoring a 1959 4E2D 4X4, It has been a life learning
experience. I have made slow progress over the past few years and the end is in sight. Here is a link to the progress.picture