Mark Thompson

"My Grandpa Conklin Loved Studebakers"
And I do too. By Mark Thompson

When I was growing up I coundn't wait until my Dad could take his vacation leave from the U.S. Air Force. So we could all go back to visit moms side of the family in Oklahoma. Where I was born. My Grandparents still had a large wheat farm near Poncia City OK. We would spend about a week at each of moms two sisters homes, Evlin and Mildred, then a week on Grandma and Grandpa Conklin's Farm. Helping out with the chores during Wheat Harvest. As Grandpa was very busy during this time and needed the Familys help to get the crop in while the weather was good. We worked from sun up to sundown at this time of year. At first us kids would just play in the bed of one of the  Wheat trucks using all of the grain as our sand box. when the hopper was full on the combine. Grandpa would pull up along side of our "sand box" and start to fill it up. Making higher hills of grain. We kids would level it all out so the mountans would not run over the sides.
The Studebaker Truck I remember the most was an 1957 Transtar 3E40 with18ft. bed. My Grandpa bought it from a salvage yard in Kansas in the summer of 1957. So the truck was wrecked with-in a few weeks of the frist owner buying it!  Grandpa had the frame straighten and added 2ft.  On the trucks Data plate it says 18000 GVW. One year when I was findly old enough to drive during the Wheat Harvest I drove this truck to and from the  Grain elveator and the fields. I checked a wieght ticket to see how much grain I had carried in to the eleavator that trip. It was 325 bushels of wheat. Well a bushel of wheat avg. is 66 lbs. 66 x 325=  21450 lbs. Thats more than a ton and a half over the GVW of the Truck! The truck was equiped with a engine 4 speed Transmistion w/PTO, and 2 speed Axle. I got this  truck up to road speed of 60+ on every trip. I would meet one of my Grandpa's other wheat trucks going to the elavetor. If I met him after half way I knew had to  get
back the the field before Grampa got the hopper on the combine full and there was no truck to empty it into.

This picture is Captianed "Studebaker Herd ready For TEXAS Harvest. 1958"


This is what my 57 Studebaker Truck (3E 6) looked like when I frist got it home.