Rick Kuhl

Here is a picture of my 1949 2R15 when I first got it.
It's pretty much all there but showing it's age.

Here's an interior shot after some clean up.

New homemade wiring harness installed.
The insulation on the original wires was crumbling to dust.
Everything works (!) and all the lights are brighter now.

Inside my garage.

Hopefully, the old gal will be back on the road sometime next year.
Ready to go back in the truck.

It's a capture from a movie my wife took so it's kind of small.Looks like I will be driving it on the "Drive Your Studebaker Day" July 4.

"New" seat installed 6/28/09.

The bumper and wheels have just been painted in this photo taken 7/19/2009.

July 27, 2009
After driving my 1949 2R15 for a few miles, I’d like to comment on the experience. The truck drives straight down the road, no wandering or pulling. It stops straight but does take some effort on the pedal. The T-9 transmission can be shifted up and down without grinding if I pay attention and remember to double clutch. The rear window is too small. There’s no inside rear view mirror. The 5” diameter OEM mirrors are way too small. The steering effort isn’t bad at all considering that there is no power. (The tires are 7.50-17 inflated to 60PSI.) The suicide knob on the steering wheel helps quite a bit. And most of the time I remember to turn off the turn signal after going around a corner. It really doesn’t ride much worse than my Bronco II 4WD. Being in the cab for more than five minutes on a 95-degree day is way too hot for comfort. Haven’t had to use the vacuum wipers or the heater yet. Yes, they both work. I’m not cramped for room even though I’m 6’-6” and 250 pounds. My size 16 shoe sometimes pushes the brake pedal and the gas pedal at the same time though. There is plenty of room on the seat for my wife, my 40-pound dog and me. It feels like I’m driving a really big vehicle. I get a lot of stares from other drivers. After a short drive, my face hurts from the big grin I had the whole time I was driving it. Even if my wife still says it’s ugly. You can’t buy this kind of fun brand new.

Got the cab painted now. Time to start pulling dents out of the box and find a solid tailgate. In the meantime I'm having fun driving it.

1/11/10  Leroy is looking better.