Ted Jensen

A few pictures of trucks I have restored and no longer own. there are more but only room for these





Hey guys here is the story and a couple of shots of the action. I wrote a while back about dealing on an 7E13D.

Well here is what it looks like with the tarp off. Here is a picture of it loaded on a Uhaul trailer

Here is a picture of it in my garage. the first time in 17 years it hasn't been in the weeds overnight.

Up to now you are thinking wow what a fun time that must have been. It was, but it also had its moments of sheer terror.
All went well on the way to get the truck. Picked up the trailer and that was ok. Wasn't sure we would be able to get the truck started It would turn over to a point which meant that there were some valves stuck. By rocking the crank right and left finally one valve loosened then another then the third. then the engine would rotate 360. Filed the points and made a make shift gas tank because someone had broken the line to the regular tank and it was probably full of junk any way. Filed the points, poured gas in the tank and presto we got it to fire. Some time later it would run on about 3 cylinders. Could not get the fuel pump to pump so deceided to place the trans in granny and pour gas in the carb and while it was running release the clutch to get it out of the hole it buryed itself in over the years. It worked. One more try this time on to the trailer. The fuel pump started working and there was enough run time to make the load. Tied down and all loose parts accounted for and start down the road. Just as I suspected it was tail heavy and the speed was restricted to no more than 34 MPH for 103 miles.
Now I live on a mountain. The road to my house is beyond state highway spec with a 17%grade. About 7/8 of the way up the hill my 3/4 ton 289CID T85 3speed overdrive transmission with 4:09 diff gears ran plum out of power. It just would not pull any more. It stopped. I was not sure the brakes would hold but they did. One of my neighbors has a drive way to his house that looks like a slow down lane on a mountain road. I was able to coax the trailer into his drive in the dark going backwards. Made it sorta crooked in his drive but now the trailer is up hill both ways so it isn't going anywhere. My thought was to back the trailer up his driveway and take a short down hill run to start the uphill again. Maybe this time the 289 will make it. I started down the drive then up hill again and there was a loud bang. Looked behind me and the trailer is moving down hill. Fortunately heading for the driveway with the brakes locked. Both saftey chains and the brake chain broke. When my flashlight shined on the mess of broken chains my eye caught something hanging from the trailer hitch. It was what was left of the 1 7/8 ball. The bolt on the ball snapped righ off.
To shorten this up my neighbor saw me driving the tractor at 11:30 at night and considered that I may have taken up drinking and needed a tractor ride to work it off. He said he was afraid I would also be naked.
Finally enough neighbors helped one with a larger truck another with a toe rope and another with pipe wrenches and hammers and another ball. About midnight the 7E13D came to rest in my drive.